put your own house in order

Put your (own) house in order! and Get your (own) house in order!(Solve your own problems. Organize your affairs. Take care of your problems) — сначала со своими делами разберись, (потом уже лезь с советами); На себя посмотри сначала;|| исправиться, изжить свои недостатки, исправить свои ошибки
The following is a sarcastic way of using this expression and is usually reserved for people who have problems of their own but keep advising others:

Example 1: Get your own house in order before you lecture me, okay?!

Example 1: You should put your own house in order before you start giving me advice. (CAmId)

Example 3: It is easy to criticize others, but it would be better to put one's own house in order first. (RHD) — Легко критиковать других, но не худо бы сначала привести в порядок свои дела, разобраться со своими проблемами, тараканами, пр.

Usage notes: usually said about someone who has many problems but criticizes others for not taking care of their problems

[ get one's act together ]
get one's [ducks in a row]
[чья бы корова мычала ]
[в чужом глазу видеть соринку, в своём бревна не замечать]