put the kibosh on sth

put the kibosh on sth – расстроить/разрушить планы, намерения; положить конец чему-либо; запретить, наложить запрет
Meaning: put a stop or end to
She wanted to visit New York, but her father’s unexpected illness put the kibosh on that. Она хотела посетить Нью-Йорк, но неожиданная болезнь отца разрушила её планы.

The etymology is dubious; it may be from Yiddish, but the most persuasive explanation derives "kibosh" from the Irish 'cie bais', pronounced kye-bosh and meaning 'cap of death', as formerly put on by a judge passing a sentence of death. This clearly relates to the modern meaning and could have been brought over by Irish immigrants as an existing colloquial or slang metaphor.

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