put the clamps on sb

put the clamps on sb / sth
(impede or block sb or sth; restrain or restrict sb; become stricter or more repressive; ) — принять (более) строгие меры; закрутить / завинтить гайки;

Example 1: I've tried to get you to behave, but it looks like I'll have to put on the clamps.
Example 2: He's getting a little anxious — time to put on the clamps.
Example 3: It's time we put the clamps on polluters.

to get tough (with)

to put some teeth into sth (make stricter so people will obey)— ужесточить, усилить (наказание, ограничение, закон и т. д.)

(put a stop to sth) ~ положить конец чему-л.; сворачивать

Example: The company was clamping down on expenses like business lunches.

clamp down on (phrasal verb)


"мочить в сортире". Ещё

"мочить в сортире". Ещё вспомнил знаменитое путинское выступление, где он обещал плохих людей "мочить в сортирах". Переводчик перевёл это как to crack down on smb.

Переводчик промолчал,

Переводчик промолчал, по-моему...

It was Mr. Putin who, after still-unsolved bombings of Moscow apartment houses in September 1999, drove home his enmity toward Chechen guerrillas with the blunt threat: ''If we catch them in the toilet, we will rub them out in the outhouse.''

Many saw his use of crude slang for the word ''outhouse'' then as inspired political positioning, the creation of a tough-guy image for a nebbish with his eye on a presidential campaign.