put the cart before the horse

put the cart before the horse (do things in the wrong order or sequence) — делать или понимать (что-л.) шиворот-навыворот, задом наперед; принимать причину за следствие; ставить телегу впереди лошади

Example 1: Trying to decide what to wear to the party when we don't even know for sure that we're invited! Aren't you putting the cart before the horse?

Example 2: I think buying a ticket before we make any plans is putting the cart before the horse.

Example 2: For many things, your attitudes came from actions which led to observations which led to explanations which led to beliefs. It is well known in psychology the cart of behavior often gets before the horse of attitude. Your actions tend to chisel away at the raw marble of your persona, carving into being the self you experience day-to-day.

Usage: Usually used with "put" but sometimes with "get", "have" or "set"

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