put a spin on sth

put a spin on sth (to present a subject with a bias, so people will think what you want them to think; to twist or turn the truth to one's advantage,either slightly or more; to interpret an event to make it seem favorable or beneficial to oneself or one's cause) — представлять что-л. в выгодном свете; интерпретировать что-либо в свою пользу; приукрашивать

There's a negative aspect attached to twisting and turning the truth, so 'spin' is usually modified by an adjective in this expression:
put a positive / modern /contemporary / nice / strange / comic / etc. spin on sth

Example 1:
"Pat has to go to the dentist today. And she's totally scared." - "Put a positive spin on it. I know that dentist. She doesn't use needles. She uses gas, and she lets you watch MTV while she is working on you."

Truth: The dentist can be a painful and scary experience.
Positive Spin: There are pain management techniques.

Example 2: The mayor tried to put a positive spin on the damaging polls.

put a good / positive spin on — приукрашивать; выставлять в выгодном свете; находить положительные стороны
be good/adept/an expert/etc at puttong a positive spin on sth — уметь всегда находить положительные стороны

Example 3: He is good at putting a positive spin on weak financial reports.

Example 4: I am a positive mind-spinner. I am an expert at putting a positive spin on the events of my life. Not everything that happens is good; nevertheless, no event is so bad that I cannot make something good come out of it. My challenge is to take what happens and make it into something beautiful.

put a new spin (new, different way of doing something) — по-новому представить; интерпретировать по-новому; раскрыть с новой стороны

Example 1: The chef takes classic dishes and puts a new spin on them.

Example 2: This chef has put a new spin on seafood dishes. (Answers.com)

put a comic spin — найти смешное; представить в смешном виде

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