pull the wool over sb's eyes

Meaning: to try to deceive someone; deceive or delude sb in order to prevent them from discovering sth

Example of a father speaking to a daughter: "Don't try to pull the wool over my eyes, alright? I've been around a lot longer than you and I know every trick in the book."

I'm not as stupid as you think - you can't pull the wool over my eyes (= deceive me).(CDAmE)

Jim tried to pull the wool over his father's eyes when he said he had been studying all weekend.

[водить за нос]
морочить голову
~ вешать лапшу на ушу
Attempts have been made to interpret 'wool' as a wig, which if pulled forward over the wearer's eyes prevents them from seeing what is going on. But wigs are not made of wool;

A better explanation is that 'wool' has been jocular standard English for the hair of the head since the 17th century. Just as you can be hoodwinked if someone covers your eyes with your hood, the same effect can be achieved if someone covers them with your own hair.