pull the plug

pull the plug on sb/sth {infml} (to put an end to someone's project, a plan, etc.; to prevent a plan, business etc from being able to continue, especially by deciding not to give it any more money; remove all life-supporting equipment) — прекратить поддержку, перекрыть кислород кому-л.; прекратить поддерживать

Example 1:The Swiss entrepreneur has pulled the plug on any further investment in the firm.(LDOCE)
Example 2: The television station pulled the plug on the series after only five episodes.(OALD)

More examples:

...It's time to pull the plug on him. — Пора перекрыть ему кислород, пора прекращать его деятельность или отключить приборы жизхнеобеспечения (контекст подскажет)
...The family debated whether it was time to pull the plug on him. (=remove all life-supporting equipment)
...She pulled the plug on the whole project — Она все сделала для того, чтобы угробить это дело.
...They decided to pull the plug on the project. (~ They gave up on the project as hopless)

Although this idiom undoubtedly alludes to cutting off electricity to an electrical device, it originally referred to the removal of a stopper (plug) that flushed an old-style toilet.(The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms )