pull no punches

pull no punches (express disapproval without trying to be kind or polite; speak honestly about sth without caring about hurting sb’s feelings; criticize sth without reservation; make comments on sth directly and straightforwardly) — не стесняться в выражениях; не церемониться; не миндальничать; не рассусоливать; рубить правду-матку; гoворить без обиняков, не особо выбирая выражения

Example 1: My dad doesn’t like it when I wear short skirts or tight shirts and he pulls no punches when he’s talking about my clothes. — ...не стесняется в выражениях насчет моей одежды.

Example 2: If the service is poor, he doesn't pull (any) punches. He complains. (WM)

Example 3: Our coach pulls no punches. If we’re playing bad, he tells us we suck.

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This is a boxing term that means, you are playing to win. You are not holding anything back. You are giving it all you can.

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