pull a fast one

pull a fast one (on sb) (to successfully deceive someone) — надуть, наколоть; плутовать, жульничать, мошенничать; обманывать

Example 1: Most people who call in sick on Monday are pulling a fast one. (= pretend sth that is not true in order to deceive the employer)

Example 2: They sure pulled a fast one on you — Они меня здорово накололи.

Example 3: I paid him for six bottles of champagne, but he pulled a fast one on me and gave me six bottles of cheap wine. (thefreedictionary.com)

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In the early days of the sport of trapshooting, live pigeons were released from a "trap" or cage at the shooter's command of "pull". To pull a fast one could then mean to release a target that was so fast that it missed by the shooter.