Practice what you preach

Practice what you preach (do the things yourself that you tell other people to do)
Our actions (what we do) should always be consistent with our words (what we say).
≈поступать так, как проповедуешь; поступать так, чтобы слова не расходились с делом; слова не должны расходиться с делом;
своим примером показывать, как нужно поступать; подкреплять слова делом

Example 1: If you advise people to recycle, you should recycle. You have to walk the talk / put your money where your mouth is/ practice what you preach

Example 2: Good managers always lead by example and practice what they preach. (

Related vocabulary:
lead by example
be a role model

[put your money where your mouth is]

[put up or shut up]
[great barkers are no biters]
[empty vessel makes the greatest sound]
[much cry and little wool]
языком болтать — не мешки ворочать