pop one's clogs

pop one's clogs {Brit.} (die) — умереть; откинуть / отбросить копыта, сыграть в ящик и др.

Example: Freddie Mercury's departure alone is reckoned to have put several percentage points on total British sales last Christmas. And with the recession now biting into the music industry, one desperate insider said this week: "We have a wish-list of people we hope might pop their clogs before Christmas."

Example 2: TVL's got problems, but no one says it's going to pop its clogs.

The verb to pop may be the old term for pawning goods. The implication is that someone would only want to pawn his clogs when he had no further need for them, that is, when he was about to die. But it’s also possible that it’s linked to the idiom to pop off (an abbreviation of pop off the hooks ), which can also mean to die. (worldwidewords.org)

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