pipe down

Pipe down! (used as a command meaning "Be quiet!" ) — Тише ты! Да замолчи! Заткнись! Не ори так! Угомонись! Утихомирься! (Угомонитесь! Утихомирьтесь!)

Example 1: Mudear, awakened by their quarreling on school mornings over space at the mirror, would yell down the hall, "Daughters! Pipe down there and take turns." Of course, it was easy for her to say. She had a bathroom all to herself. (Ugly Ways, Tina McElroy Ansa)

pipe down (to stop talking; to lower the volume) — сбавить тон, говорить тише; утихомириться; стать менее самоуверенным

Example 1: Pipe down, you loony! — Тише ты, придурок!

Example 2: Pipe down, I'm trying to sleep. — Заткнись, я хочу спать.

Example 3: The others got sore at him and told him to pipe down — Остальные разозлились на него и велели ему заткнуться. (Гл.)

pipe sb down — заткнуть кому-л. рот; затыкать кого-л

Example: He tried to pipe me down — Он пытался заткнуть мне рот

In the old days in the British navy, musical pipes were used to send messages to the crew. The last pipe message of the day was called 'pipe down', and it signalled the time to be quiet and go to bed.

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