pile on the agony

pile on the agony AND put on the agony (try to get sympathy from other people by making sth seem worse or more unpleasant than it really is; to tell an unpleasant affair in a more painful and exaggerated way) — нагнетать атмосферу, нагнетать страсти; сгущать краски (для большего эффекта), нагромождать ужасы; ≈накручивать всякие ужасы

to pile it on ≈ преувеличивать ...

Example 1: Hey, calm down! It's only a short time that he is away. He'll come back soon, just don't please pile on the agony.

Example 2: He was really piling on the agony, saying he was heart-broken and hadn't got anything left to live for. (СIDI)

[нагнетать атмосферу]