pig out

pig out (on sth) (eat a lot of something; eat large amounts of food quickly and without good manners; to overeat ) — есть в больших количествах; наедаться; набивать брюхо

Example 1: I should have been going to the gym, but instead I was thinking, like, " Last supper! " so I pigged out on all this junk food. I'm getting healthy again.

Example 2: I pigged out on pizza so I don't have room for lunch.

Example 3: Just last year she became a vegan, while the rest of us were pigging out on Lucky Charms and hamloaf.

Example 4: The pizza is here! Let's pig out!

Example 5: At the game, we pigged out on hamburgers and french fries.

Example 6: Lindsay and Ralph had driven up in the hills west of Palo Alto with several writers from the workshop to a roadhouse called the Alpine Inn, where they all downed pitchers of beer until dark, and then later, when the other writers had one after another drunkenly departed, Lindsay and Ralph pigged out on greasy cheeseburgers whose juice made their fingers shine. Ralph licked Lindsay's fingers clean, as they sat off alone at a picnic table under the trees by the creek bank. (Chuck Kinder, The wife in the story)


Pigs are famous for enthusiastically eating enormous quantities of food. So when a human 'pigs out', he or she is eating much like a pig.

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