pick on sb

pick on sb (for sth) (bother; tease; bully) — дразнить, приставать; задирать; прикапываться; ~ придираться, ~ издеваться
be/get picked on (by sb)

Example 1: The 6 form don't wear uniform, and people still get picked on even though everyone wears the same thing.

Example 2: You can get picked on by everybody else just for just dying your hair a different colour or wearing something that you like but others don't. So I think it's better to all wear the same rather than get picked on for what you wear.

Example 3: While bullying may not stop completely, use of uniform at least prevents students who aren't dressed fashionably or according to the latest trends, from getting picked on for their choice of clothes.

Example 4: I just saw this kid being picked on by these other kids, and I had to say something because it’s bullying. It’s horrible, and it just reminded me when I was in high school of how I was bullied. When I was younger, a lot of kids used to pick on me at school and I didn’t have many friends.

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