pick holes in sth

pick holes in something AND pick a hole in something (to find mistakes in sth a person has done or said, to show that it is not good or not correct) — дотошно выискивать слабые места, промахи; выискивать блох (разг.); подлавливать на мелочах; ловить на мелочах; придираться, цепляться || критиковать

If you pick holes in an argument / theory/ article / etc , you find weak points in it so that it is no longer valid.

Example 1: The lawyer did her best to pick holes in the witness's statement. (CIDI)

Example 2: We send the articles out and let other scientists in the same area of study try their best to pick holes in your research. (CIDI) — ... чтобы они постарались найти все слабые места в вашем исследовании.

Example 3: Some tourists are never happy. They like to pick holes in everything.

Example 4: Our manager is always picking holes in my work.

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