pet peeve

(one's) pet peeve {US} AND (one's) pet hate {UK} (something that really irks or bothers you) — любимая мозоль, больной вопрос (о том, что давно раздражает, «достает» и наболело); то, что раздражает или бесит

Example 1: What is her biggest pet peeve about you? — Что ее больше всего в тебе раздражает?

Example 2: James admits his biggest pet peeve is when people refer to him as "Alison's husband".

Example 3: A wry smile tilted her mouth. One of Derek's pet peeves about her was that she was not easily impressed. (Deborah Raney, "Insight", 2009)

Example 4: The poll also gave the thumbs down to male know-it-alls — the pet hate for most women.

Example 5: To be honest, the band was high on my list of pet hates.

Example 6: Nick Hancock Hugely enjoyable blast-off comedian who, like some smirking, behind-the-sheds schoolboy takes a list of his pet hates out of his pocket, lays them out and talks you through them one by one. (Independent)

Example 7: Dear Amber,
Sure liked your ad. I am about to turn fifty and would like it if we could hook up. I am a bachelor and have an ad in the very same magazine you're featured in. Don't have a lot to say about myself, except I am average-looking, nothing to write home about. Those others in the magazine are certain of their likes and pet peeves. I am not. Generally, I take things as they come, but I have been known to wonder what's around the corner. I run my own household. I can cook. I have cattle. It is pretty here. Would like to show it to you. It'd be enough if you could just come for my birthday, as I do not have any close person. I promise no shocks.
(Leslee Becker, "The excitement begins", 1995)

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