pecking order

a pecking order (a hierarchy (of status seen) among (members of) a group as of people, classes, or nations or animals, originally as observed among hens; the order of importance of the people in a group or an organization) — (неофициальная) иерархия; сложившийся порядок подчинения (букв. очерёдность клёва, особ. у домашней птицы)

Example 1: There's a clearly established pecking order in this office. (Cambridge Idioms Dictionary)

Example 2: Even though people may have loosened up somewhat in their use of titles, you still find a very distinct pecking order in who is introduced to whom in the business world. (Sue Fox, Business Etiquette for Dummies)

Example 3: Are some equalities more equal than others? Equality laws may have created a pecking order of competing equalities where clashes can occur. (

Example 4: The luxurious office accentuated the manager’s position in the pecking order.

Example 5: For a test of the literary pecking order, the bookshop makes riveting viewing, as it is here that authors come to sign copies of their books. Top authors get their own cordoned-off section with separate doors and a designated till. Everyone else has to make do with a table in the middle of the shop where they can be harangued by any old riff-raff. Or, worse still, completely ignored. (