pale in comparison

pale in comparison (with sth) AND
pale by comparison (with sth)
(to appear to be deficient in comparison to something else; to seem less serious or less important when compared with something else)
— не идти ни в какое сравнение с чем-л; бледнеть в сравнении сс чем-л; ничто в сравнении с чем-л

Example 1: My work pales by comparison with yours. You are a real pro. (

Example 2: I thought I was badly treated but my experiences pale in comparison with yours. (

Example 3: Jeff tried the beef, mushroom and bamboo stir-fry that, although tasty, paled in comparison to the prawn and cashew nut stir-fry in red bean sauce that I tried. — Джефф попробовал вкусную говядину, грибы и бамбук, прожаренные в масле, но все это бледнело в сравнении с жареными креветками и кешью в фасолевом соусе, которые попробовал я. (Vivi)

(not) bear or stand comparison (with)
to be sufficiently similar in class or range to be compared with (something else), esp favourably — (не) выдерживать сравнение с чем-л

Example 1: Her later work does not bear comparison with her earlier novels (= because it is not nearly as good.)

be no contest
used to say that one side in a competition is so much stronger or better than the other that it is sure to win easily

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