overplay one's hand

overplay one's hand (to spoil one's chance of success by saying or doing too much; to believe one is in a stronger situation or position than he or she really is and fail as a result) — перестараться, переусердствовать (преследуя свою выгоду); переоценить свои возможности; зайти слишком далеко (в своей самонадеянности), перегнуть палку

Example: He overplayed his hand, and his arrogance lost him the election.

Related vocabulary (to cause problems for yourself)

be your own worst enemy
(to be the cause of your own problems)

be asking for something
(to behave in a way that makes it likely that a particular unpleasant thing will happen to you)

asking for trouble
looking for trouble
(if doing something is asking for trouble, it is likely to cause you problems or difficulties)

tempt fate/providence
(to say or to do something that may cause problems, or to cause your good luck to end)

do something once too often
(to cause trouble for yourself by repeating dangerous, stupid, or annoying behaviour)

Example: He’s insulted me once too often. He’s going to regret this!

shoot yourself in the foot
(to say or do something stupid that causes you trouble)

punish yourself
(to do something that makes you suffer)