over the odds

over the odds (more than expected, normal, necessary etc) — чересчур, слишком; чересчур много, чрезмерно {часто о цене}

Example 1: I know he never liked you, but some of the things he said to me about you were rether over the odds. (thefreedictionary.com)

Example 2: ...

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[over the odds]
[take the biscuit]
[overkill] adj.
[OTT] (over the top)
[ни в какие ворота не лезет]
From horse-racing. Literally more (money) than one's winning bet actually entitles to.

pay over the odds (for sth) {UK, Au}(to pay more for something than it is really worth ) — переплачивать, заплатить втридорога

Example 1: It's a nice enough house but I'm sure he paid over the odds for it.

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