over the moon

be over the moon (about sth) AND jump over the moon (about sth){UK infml} (to be very happy about something) — прыгать от радости, быть на седьмом небе (от счастья, от восторга), быть вне себя от счастья; ~ не нарадоваться

Example 1: Sam was over the moon about becoming a father / about his new job.

Example 2: There were tears sometimes, when Leah missed her dad, cousins and friends back home. We'd talk about what we'd do with them when we got back to Canada. She soon learned how to use email on my laptop, and would be over the moon when email or snail mail arrived for her. (Today's Parent, 2007)

Example 3: Let's say you go to a marriage counselor and you end up feeling,' Well, I'm not, like, totally unhappy now, but I'm not over the moon either.' Should you stay with the marriage? (Marriage Today; Question of whether marriage counseling works, 2007)

rejoice (to feel very happy about something, or to celebrate something in a happy way)

rejoice in sth (to be very happy about something) — получать удовольствие от чего-л., радоваться

Example: She seemed to rejoice in the humiliation of others.

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