out the wazoo

out the wazoo AND up the wazoo (more than one needs) — хоть ж*пой ешь, до ж*пы; немерено; полным-полно; до фига

Example 1: Dude, that mother fucker has money coming out the wazoo. (UrbanDictionary)

Example 2: We've got food of all kinds out the wazoo. Prolly why we're so fat. (chaika)

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[up the wazoo]

WAZOO(1970s) = the buttocks; anus = ass (perhaps a variant of kazoo)

1) noun: the buttocks; anus = ass: (. . . an impossible, unreliable, self-destructive pain in the kazoo—Washington Post), (We have subcommittee staff running out the kazoo—New York Times), (. . . you know he’s off balance and you’d like to stick it in his gazoo—Alan K. Simpson)
2) noun: toilet; = can: (I tore it up and flushed it down the kazoo—Lawrence Sanders)