out of one's league

out of one's league (not good, rich, clever enough for sth or sb) — намного хуже (слабее, беднее); нельзя даже сравнивать; не по силам (ср. перен."не моей / твоей весовой категории"

That person is out of my league (= that person is too good looking (or too rich, famous, smart, strong or whatever) for me to try to approach them for a date or something.)

out sb's social league — другого круга (ниже по статусу)

Example 1: It would be a great job but it is definitely out of your league! — ... но тебе она совершенно не по силам, на по зубам.
Example 2: I'm not going to bowl with you! You're way out of my league!
Example 3: Julia dumped me when she found out I wasn't in her social league.

Out of my/your league "your league" refers to the level of your skill or character, and when used infers that you have taken on more than you can handle.