one's own person

be one's own person (be independent, be responsible for oneself) — сам себе хозяин
Also, be one's own man/ woman

Example 1: We can't get Jerry to follow the rules — he's his own person. — Мы не можем заставить его следовать правилам - Джерри подчиняется сам себе, у него нет начальников, он сам себе хозяин.

Example 2: As you can guess Jerry's his own man since he earns his living and manages to support his old mother and unmarried sister.

Example 3: Young people may have viewpoints that are different from yours or may take up activities that you don’t understand. Try to see this as a good thing. They are learning to be their own person. (

Chaucer used this idiom in Troilus and Cressida: "I am my own woman, well at ease."

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