on the rampage

be /go on a/the rampage (behave violently) ≈ быть в сильном возбуждении, буйствовать, неистовствовать, быть вне себя от ярости; рвать и метать

Example 1: The worst school shooting in U.S. history occurred on April 20th, 1999. It was Columbine High School, outside Denver, Colorado, in Littleton. Two students went on a rampage there that killed 12 of their classmates, as well as a teacher and then they shot themselves.

Example 2: And just added to the marketplace, a new movie from actor David Arquette. He happened to drop by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT studios today. His new movie is called "Tripper." It's all about a serial killer who goes on a rampage at a concert. It is violent. There is blood. There is gore. I asked David if he felt that Hollywood does desensitize us to violence. And take a listen to what he said. (CNN Showbiz)

rampage -- сильное возбуждение; неистовство, ярость; буйство (from the Old Scots verb ramp, meaning “to storm and rage.” )