on the fritz

(be / put) on the fritz and on the blink (not operating; not operating correctly; not working in the usual way, or not working at all) — барахлить; не фурычить (=не работать); быть неисправным, испорченным (часто о приборах); быть никуда не годным;

Example 1: Our vacuum cleaner is on the fritz again. — Наш пылесос опять не работает.

Example 2: How long has our air conditioning been on the blink? Let's just get it fixed.

Example 3: (The washing machine is torn apart in one corner. Kelley and Rini enter.)
KELLEY: Washing machine busted?
RINI (a hick mechanic): By God, Roy, I put the gangle flange on the whizit but the cotterbit done split the rider bearing clean in two. KELLEY: Yeah, mine's always on the fritz. ("Guy in the Sky", 2007)

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