on a roll

on a roll (experiencing a period of success or good luck; in the midst of a series of successes) — в полосе везения, в полосе удачи
If you're on a roll, you're experiencing lots of success or good luck at the moment, moving from success to success (дела хорошо/удачно/успешно идут, все хорошо или удачно складывается, везет)

..... With this payrise, a big lottery win, and holiday abroad June has been on a roll.— Джун повысили зарплату, она выиграла в лотерею, да еще и провела отпуск за границей — она определенно попала в полосу везения.
..... They were on a roll, winning nine games in a row.
.....She's been on a roll since taking that course on sales techniques.
..... Things are going great for Larry. He's on a roll now.
..... With a growing economy and a dropping crime rate, the city has been on a roll. (thefreedictionary.com)
..... Isn’t that your sixth ‘A’ in a row? That’s really great, honey. You’re really on a roll.

Etymology: based on the idea that something which is rolling tends to continue rolling

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