not in the cards

be on the cards {British English}
be in the cards {American English}
(to seem likely to happen) — возможно, вероятно.

Example 1: At 3-1 down, another defeat seemed to be on the cards. (LDOCE)
Example 2: But his souring looks, and the fact that new millennium single issue supporters generally insisted on total lifelong commitment to looking the part, meant that sex and relationships were not on the cards. (Nick Barlay, Stu Zsibinsky’s Lost Cause)

not in the cards — вилами по воде писано; бабушка надвое сказала; не очевидно;

Tony hopes his eldest son will take over the business — but it's not in the cards. — Тони надеется, что его старший сын возьмет на себя управление делами, но это еще вилами на воде писано.

[off again, on again]
[бабушка надвое сказала]
up in the air