no way

No way! {infml} (=NO! Never! Certainly not!) (something that you say in order to make very clear that your answer to a question is 'no'); || something that you say when someone says something that is very surprising )— ни в коем случае, ни за что; конечно (же), нет! ||(удивление) не может быть! да что ты говоришь!

Also, there is no way .

Example 1: Me join the Army? No way! She can't do that. No way! (

Example 2: Are you coming along?—No way! (The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms)

Example 3: Have you paid for the repair yet?' 'No way! Not until we know for sure that the computer is actually working'.

Example 4: No way can I forget what he did. (

Example 5: There's no way he can lose.

Example 6: 'Hey, I saw Ellie out with Andrew last night.' 'No way!'

There's no way of doing sth -- невозможно сделать что-л., нет никакой возможности сделать что-л

... There's no way of telling who might get hold of the weapons.
... There's no way of testing whether what they're saying is really true.
... I do have things that I should have done that I think about, but there's no way of going back, I couldn't do them now.
... There's no way of looking at this man and seeing him as a failure. He absolutely deserves the epithet 'the Great', he really was. (Karen Exell)
... Without knowing how many people are riding, and how far they are riding, there's no way of knowing whether the drop in crashes is because conditions are actually safer, or fewer people are bicycling, or they're bicycling in different locations. — ... невозможно узнать...

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