no love lost

There is no love lost between them and There is no love loss between them (there is mutual dislike between (the people mentioned); some people dislike one another; the two are strong competitors and probably enemies) — недолюбливать друг друга; с трудом друг друга выносить; терпеть не могут друг друга
Also there's little / not much love lost between sb

Example 1: After their split there really was no love loss between them.
Example 2: Historically there has been little love lost between teachers and purveyors of ICT.

Example 3: There was not much love lost between the two women. Muriel had worked with the senator for ten years, and when Carolyn had come aboard, she'd felt slighted. (Jackie Collins, "Poor Little Bitch Girl")

Example 4: Speaking of Google, there's still not much love lost between the search giant and Apple, but this didn't stop Google's Eric Schmidt from stating in an interview that Apple and Google approached their problems in an adult way, decrying the media beat-up that he described as "a teenage model of competition"

Example 5: ...and there are no doubt a number of residents who will be only too willing to testify that there was not much love lost between us, as one might say. (Dorothy James, "A Place to Die: An Inspector Georg Büchner Mystery")

Originally, when there was only the British English form, it meant exactly the opposite (они любят друг друга). The shift in meaning is yet unexplained.