nickel-and-dime to death

nickel-and-dime sb to death (to charge, little by little, until one has no money left; to drain with many little charges; to drain a person of his money bit by bit; to eat away at one’s monetary resources a little at a time; to exhaust one’s finances by an accumulation of small expenses) — по капле высосать / выкачать / выжать все соки (особенно в финансовом отношении); по копеечке вытрясти/ вытянуть все деньги; (постепенно / помаленьку/ шаг за шагом) высосать все средства, выкачать все деньги до последней копеечки; ободрать как липку, пустить по миру

.....All the extra costs of remodeling are nickel-and-diming us to death. — Все эти дополнительные расходы на перестройку дома, вроде бы и небольшие по отдельности, в сумме влетают нам в копеечку.
.....My bank doesn’t have a monthly charge, but it does nickel-and-dime me to death with many little charges.

This U. S. colloquial expression has become common in recent years, probably because of continued inflation and “built-in obsolescence.” It might appear in a context such as:

.....It’s not the initial outlay or major maintenance that makes automobile ownership expensive, but they nickel and dime you to death with piddling repairs due to their own shoddy workmanship.(built-in / planned obsolescence — плановое, запланированное устаревание)

nickel-and-dime sth/sb {AmE}( to spend or save very small amounts of money; to charge small amounts of money for lots of extra items)

..... Set the money aside so you don't nickel-and-dime it away. (OALD)
..... She's careful not to nickel-and-dime clients for extra charges. (OALD)
..... We decided to go ahead even if we have to nickel-and-dime it. (OALD)

a nickel-and-dime job (involving only a small amount of money; not important) — копеечная работа; работа, за которую платят гроши, копейки