nail it

nail it (to do something perfectly or successfully) — справиться, получиться; добиться успеха в чем-л.

We say that someone nailed it when they have achieved something or performed a task successfully.
sb has nailed it — справился, удалось, получилось;

You nailed it! (=you succeeded at something; you really did a great job!) ~ Молодец!

Example 1: Good luck on your performance today, Jimmy. I hope you nail it! —... у тебя все получится, ты справишься! (

Example 2: The final exam was not easy but Lucy nailed it and got a place at university.— Congratulations to her. She's nailed it!

Example 3: Mary finally got a job as a teacher. She went for the job interview and has nailed it!

Example 4: Chess is a difficult game to play. I wish I could nail it but I just can't! (