mummy's boy

a mummy's/mother's boy Br, Au; a mama's boy Am (a boy or man who allows his mother to have too much influence on him ) — маменькин сынок

Example 1: Derek's a bit of a mummy's boy. He finished with his last girlfriend because his mother disapproved.

Example 2: He was often depicted as a weak-willed mama's boy with a domineering mother.

Example 3:
UK becoming nation of 'mummy's boys'
...Controversial comic Bernard Manning, who lived with his mother for 20 years, said men who stayed at home were making the right choice. He said: "They are getting everything done for them - their shirts ironed, their beds made, meals on the table — and things a wife would never dream of doing, like ironing the cuffs and collars of your shirts."

[маменькин сынок]