more sth than you can shake a stick at

more sth than you can shake a stick at (a very large number of something) — очень много, уйма, сколько угодно; не сосчитать; немерено; ≈конца-краю не видно; полным-полно; ≈(хоть) пруд пруди; непочатый край; навалом; ≈ (хоть) лопатой греби; ≈сколько душе угодно; ||≈мало не покажется;

Example 1: Well, cause it's Vegas, baby. Where else can you find a city built to house hundreds of thousands of people as well as a giant convention center and more party space than you can shake a stick at?

Example 2: I don't know why she wants more shoes - she's already got more pairs than you can shake a stick at.

Example 3: There are more mistakes in his work than you can shake a stick at. — В его работе ошибок не сосчитать.(Гл.)

Example 4:We had more cars off the road, more accidents to report than you could shake a stick at," said New York state police dispatcher David Veshia.

Example 5: "...Loading the truck on the other end was no problem -- all I had to do was crack open a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 and I had more workers than you could shake a stick at. Problem is, they're the kind of guys you might need to shake a stick at. And I didn't want to start bringing that stuff up here to the new place. That's part of why I'm here. I want a quiet place, a nice place." (Chris Lynch, Shadow Boxer)

Example 6: " Ain't no reason for us to start fightin' among ourselves, is there? " Papa Henry asked angrily. " In a few days we gon' have more enemies' round than we can shake a stick at. We gon' need every man we got. "(Guy Johnson, Standing at the scratch line, 2001)

Example 7: Afore we go any further, you might's well understand that there's more'n one version of Johnny Beansprout's story out there, particularly the part about how come he survived when his family didn't. Stories are a lot like cats: one basic model, but let the varmints breed and you wind up with more variations than you can shake a stick at. (And believe me, you'll want to, and a might big stick at that.)(Esther M Friesner, Johnny Beansprout, 2004)