mooch sth off sb

mooch sth off sb (to get something by asking someone to give you it, instead of paying for it) (= scrounge {UK}) — раскручивать, раскрутить на что-л. (деньги, сигареты, вино); стрелять

Example 1: He tried to mooch a drink off me.
Example 2: ...

(= scrounge {UK})

scrounge sth off sb {UK} (to get things, especially money or food, by asking for them instead of buying them or working for them) — попрошайничать, побираться

Example 1: Peter never buys anything - he just scrounges (off his friends).
Example 1: He's always scrounging money off you.

scrounger {disapproving} — халявщик, захребетник; вымогатель; попрошайка, бездельник, живущий за чужой счет (контекст.)

Example 1: He thinks that people who receive state benefits are scroungers. They scrounge off the social security.

on the scrounge{UK} (engaged in scrounging):
Someone who is on the scrounge is asking people for things or for money.
...she’s always on the scrounge

tap sb for sth {UK} (to persuade somebody to give you something, especially money)

Example: He tried to tap me for a loan.

[con sb out of sth]
[разводить кого-л.]