milk it

to milk it (to get all you can out of something; to take advantage of a situation or condition) — извлекать выгоду (из чего-л.); эксплуатировать; вымогать, ≅ "доить"

Example of a conversation between a father and a daughter:

Daughter: "Dad, can I have an extra twenty dollars for tonight? I had to spend the allowance you gave me on school supplies."
Father: "You're really milking it, kid, aren't you?"— Ну ты и вымогательница. / Да ты никак вымогать мастерица, да, ребенок?

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— Vivi
A little OT. Do you really refer to pocket money as 'allowance'? I mean is it common practice among teenagers in the USA? I reckon it's pretty official, isn't it?

— Samantha (native of AmE)

A lot of parents or grandparents in the USA will set up a certain amount of money to give their children either once a week, or once a month, or for whatever time period they choose, but usually only give it to the children if the children have completed all of the tasks they have been asked to do.

When you say the term 'allowance', people know you have gotten the money from someone else. When you say 'pocket money' this could mean that maybe it is from your allowance, or maybe you earned it, or maybe you found it laying on the street somewhere.

— Vivi
Aha, I see. Thanks for the exhaustive response, Samantha!

milk the market
(milk the market (или the street))
успешно спекулировать ценными бумагами; наживаться на мелких конкурентах