mend fences

mend (one's) fences (with sb) (to try to become friends again with someone who you have argued with) — стараться подружиться или примириться, установить хорошие, дружеские отношения с кем.-л.; помириться с кем-л

Example 1: We didn't talk for the last sixteen years of her life and she's been gone for five months. Seems a little late to start mending fences now. (Rhyannon Byrd, "Edge of hunger")

Example 2: Wilson is slowly emerging from a well-documented haze of drug abuse, mental illness and therapy. He remarried in February, 1995. His new bride, Melinda, has helped him kick lithium, which he took for 15 years to battle depression. Wilson has mended fences with daughters Carnie and Wendy. He is recording with them at River North. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Example 3: The object of the meeting was primarily to mend fences. (MM)

Example 4: Make amends with the people you think you might have offended. Tell them, 'I really apologize. It was inappropriate on my part.' Don't make a lot of excuses. Try to mend fences as soon as possible. That might include sending flowers or a small gift, along with a simple, sincere note. (Christian Science Monitor, "Gosh, I wish I hadn't said that!")

Example 5: It's kind of like a divorce; a family's split up and you've got to mend fences.

Example 6: Why not accept that you love, not hate, her? You sound as though you feel as though there is something morally wrong in loving a woman who is old enough to be your mother. But quite a few men do and live happily ever after. Is it too late to mend fences with your ex-wife? If you could go to her, genuinely sorry for the hurt you had caused her and knowing that you had come to terms with your conflict about the difference in your ages, then maybe she might be willing to consider starting again. (Liverpool Echo & Daily Post, 1993)

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