march to the beat of a different drum

march to the beat of a different drum or
march to thr beat of a different drummer
(to be different from other people; do things differently; believe in a different set of rules; do things in one’s own way, regardless of what others may think)
~ идти не в ногу (с другими); очень отличаться от остальных

This phrase is about someone who thinks and acts differently than we do. If you think we all march to the same drummer, we think and act alike. However, this person has a new and different beat he marches to. He’s just different. He’s not wrong necessarily, just different. Perhaps he has different likes and dislikes, different ideas about life and living. He’s just different.

Example: That gal certainly marches to the beat of a different drummer.(DWM)

March to a different beat.
March to a different tune.
March to a different drum.
March to a different drummer.

Frequency of usage: sometimes