make a meal out of sth

make a meal (out) of sth (to spend more time or energy doing sth than is necessary; to spend too much time or effort doing sth {UK & Au DISAPPROVING}) — развить бурную деятельность (на пустом месте); развести бадягу; устроить сыр-бор по пустяку (from "разгорелся сыр бор из-за сосенки")

Example 1: I only asked her to write a brief summary of the main points but she made a real meal out of it. (CIDI)
Example 2: The police would go through the motions, but they wouldn't make a meal of it.
Example 3: He was making a meal of explaining a straightforward case essentially because he was trying to impress Ann.
Example 4:He made a real meal out of parking the car.

[делать из мухи слона]
[much ado]
[song and dance]
make heavy weather of sth {BrE}