lip service

give / pay lip service to (if sb pays lip-service to sth, they say that they approve of it or support it, without proving their support by what they actually do) — неискренне уверять в своей преданности, приверженности чему-л.; поддерживать только на словах; поддакивать

Example 1: He pays only lip service to his Christian principles.

Example 2: All the parties pay lip-service to environmental issues.

Example 3: There is no financial help available for low-income families. The school board and uniform suppliers paid lip service to helping low-income families, but I have not seen any concrete plans to do so.

lip service (giving approval or support insincerely; an avowal of advocacy, adherence, or allegiance expressed in words but not backed by deeds —usually used with pay)

Example : I would like to see true, equal rights, for everybody, not just lip service. How sad it is to see how the world struggles to make a living, while those at the very top, the scant 1%, owns most of the world's properties and shares of just about everything! It seems so unfair, and it is.

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