like it or lump it

Like it or lump it and If you don't like it you can lump it

When people say this, they mean that the person will have to accept the situation he or she does not like, because they cannot change it

≅ Хочешь не хочешь, а проглотишь.
≅ Нравится или нет, а проглотить придется.
≅ Стерпится — слюбится. (контекст)
Хочешь не хочешь, нравится не нравится, а придется (смриться, принять и проч.)
Придется проглотить это, даже если это и не по вкусу.

Example 1: Like it or lump it, we're staying home this summer. (The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer)

Example 2: If the lowest-paid state workers don't like their salaries, they can just lump it. (MB)

Example 3: This is the supper Dad cooked for us—like it or lump it. (Wayne Magnuson)

Example 4: The fact remains, that's all we're going to pay him and he can like it or lump it. (CIDI)

Example 5: Like it or lump it, romantic fiction is read regularly by thousands. (CIDI)

Example 6: If they will insist on arriving unexpectedly, they'll have to like it or lump it, won't they? (BNC)

The origin of lump in this idiom is unclear; one writer believes it to be a euphemism for stuff it, a not unreasonable conjecture. (The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer)

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