like a three-ring circus

a three-ring circus {infml, disapproving} (any place with a lot of confusing or amusing activity; any situation or event hilariously or confusingly packed with action; something wild, engrossing, or entertaining, often in a way that you find unpleasant, confusing, or annoying) — шум и гам; неразбериха; (настоящий) цирк; сумасшедший дом; дурдом (на выезде); проходной двор какой-то (контекст.); ≅ черт ногу сломит; ≅ кто в лес, кто по дрова (контекст.)

Example: It's a three-ring circus in that classroom —the kids can't possibly be learning anything. — Это не класс, а настоящий дурдом...

Example: His attempt at a dignified resignation had turned into a three-ring circus. (OALD)

like a three-ring circus

Example 1: Our household is like a three-ring circus on Monday mornings. — Утром по понедельникам у нас не квартира, а настоящий сумасшедший дом.

Example 2: I don't know how you can work in that office—it's like a three-ring circus.

Related vocabulary:
[черт ногу сломит]
chaos, farce, disarray, muddle, mayhem