let oneself go

let oneself go (stop caring about how you look, gain weight,etc) —перестать следить за собой вовсе, распуститься, опуститься, махнуть на себя рукой, поставить на себе крест (в смысле перестать следить за собой)

Example: I've been trying not to let myself go now that I'm married, but it's hard!

Dale: OK that’s it, Marni! I can’t keep my feelings under wraps any longer. You have let yourself go, and honestly, I think I should be the one to tell you this.
Marni: Let myself go? What are you talking about?
Dale: Every week you’re getting bigger and bigger and it’s getting harder for you. I can see it. It’s right there! I can tell. I can tell.
Marni: Look, I appreciate your concern, but I’m not letting myself go, OK?
Dale: It’s harder for you to get up. You’ve been asking for junk food, and we just finished lunch! I’m serious. What’s up with the belly? (englishbaby)

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