lend an ear

lend/give an ear (to sb/sth)
lend/give a listening ear (to sb/sth) (to listen in a patient and sympathetic way to someone) — выслушать кого-л. внимательно; дать высказаться, выплакаться и т д.; ≅ побыть жилеткой, дать поплакать(ся) в жилетку

Example 1: Lend me your ear! (= Pay attention to what I have to say; Take a moment to listen to me) — Выслушай меня (внимательно).

Example 2: If you would lend me your ear for a moment, I'll explain to you exactly how it is assembled.

Example 3: Friends gave me a lot of support, helped me collect and deliver the children while I was at work. And they gave me a listening ear.

see also
[плакать в жилетку]
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