lay low for a while

lay low for a while (to not draw a lot of attention to yourself) — затихариться, держаться в тени; не высовываться

Example: I made three major mistakes at work today and I think I need to lay low for a while until the boss cools down.

Frequency of usage: sometimes
Related vocabulary:
[keep a low profile]
[make oneself scarce]

[quiet as a mouse]
(держаться, вести себя) [тише воды ниже травы]


to lie low - будет

to lie low - будет правильней. to lay low - имеет немного другое значение. Это говорят обычно когда болезнь или горе подкашивает кого-либо.
Пр.: She's been laid low with flu for a week. - Она слегла на неделю с гриппом. ( В смысле болезь подкосила ее)
The death of her father really laid her low. - Смерть ее отца подкосила ее.

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lie low
also lay low
Keep oneself or one's plans hidden; bide one's time to act.
For example,
The children lay low, hoping their prank would soon be forgotten, or The senator decided to lay low until his opponent had committed herself to raising taxes.

This expression calls up the image of a hunter concealed in the brush, waiting for game. {Colloquial; late 1800s}

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50. lay low
a. to overpower or kill; defeat: to lay one's attackers low.
b. to knock down; make prostrate.
c. Informal. to lie low.

51. lie low
a. to conceal oneself:
He had to lie low for a while.
b. to do nothing until the right opportunity develops; bide one's time:
Until the dispute is settled, you would do best to lie low.