larger than life

larger than life AND bigger than life (greater, better, or more powerful than average; having a unique attitude and personality|| excessive or exaggerated) — исключительный, не такой, как все; незаурядный; из ряда вон выходящий; легендарный, (настоящая) легенда {об известной неординарной личности}; тот, о ком ходят легенды|| преувеличенный; неестественный, театральный;

Example 1: When my brother was in high school he was larger than life. He was the best athlete in school. He got the best grades, and all the girls loved him! (EB)

Example 2: It had been for Andrew an axiom that Pat was a little larger than life and far too dignified and authoritative... (I. Murdoch, ‘The Red and the Green’) — Для Эндрю всегда было аксиомой, что Пат не такой, как все, — слишком уж он гордый и властный...

Example 3: Michael Jordan is definitely larger than life. He’s so famous that he hardly seems like a real person. (EB)

Example 4: He entered, his smile a bit larger than life. — Он вошел, улыбаясь преувеличенно весело.

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