knock sb's socks off

knock sb's socks off and blow sb's socks off (to completely surprise or please you very much; if something knocks your socks off, you find it extremely exciting or good) — потрясти, поразить, удивить кого-л.; привести кого-л в состояние крайнего потрясения, удивления, восторга (переводим по контексту)

Example 1: This is gonna knock your socks off. — Закачаешься; Обалдеешь; Глаза на лоб полезут (от удивления, восторга).

Example 2: I'm going to take you to a restaurant that'll knock your socks off. (CIDI)

Example 3: I still need to buy a gift for my mother and I can’t seem to think of the perfect present, something that’ll really knock her socks off. (