knock-on effect

have a knock-on effect (on sth) (to start a process in which everything that happens causes something else to happen) {BrE} ~ оказать косвенное влияние на что-либо

knock-on effect - эффект домино

Example 1: Recession in the US will have a knock-on effect on UK exports. — Спад в экономике США приведет к сокращению экспорта товаров из Великобритании (Lingvo).

Example 2: It is not just the US that will be using less oil - many other western economies have been hit by the same credit crunch and there is a knock-on effect for their trading partners, including those power-house Asian economies that were supposed to be fuelling the demand earlier in the year (

Example 3: These price rises will have a knock-on effect on the economy (LDOCE).

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