kick over the traces

kick over the traces (to resist the commands of one's parents, or to oppose or reject authority; to do what you want without showing any respect for authority; break loose from restraint, misbehave and show insubordination or independence) — дать себе полную волю, пуститься во все тяжки; разгуляться на полную катушку; разгуляться по полной программе;
~ забить на все запреты, приличия (контекст.)

Example 1: Some kids spend the first year after school kicking over the traces.

Example 2:There's always a kid who'll kick over the traces as soon as they leave home.

Example 3: When their teacher was absent and they had a substitute, the children kicked over the traces. — дали себе полную волю, резвились на полную катушку.


This metaphoric expression comes from England and alludes to the straps attaching a horse to a vehicle. Traces were the chains that held a horse or mule to a wagon or plow. Sometimes, an animal rebelled and kicked over the traces.

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